Hardwick Township Historical Society Vass Farmstead


The 1812 Vass Farmstead house, barn, and surrounding property located at 97 Stillwater Road in Hardwick, NJ are maintained by the Hardwick Township Historical Society (local volunteers) under an agreement with the Township Of Hardwick. The Township of Hardwick leases the property from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Fish and Wildlife. The Hardwick Township Historical Society is bound by the terms of the lease agreement and no use is permitted that would violate the lease.

Great care and expense has been invested in the preservation of the property and all users are expected to embrace the unique attributes of the facilities so as to protect against harm and damage. 

What parts of the property are available for reservation?

The downstairs of the Vass Farmstead house is available for a variety of events including recitals, family celebrations/receptions, meetings and gatherings.

The recently renovated barn, perfect for exhibitions, concerts, dances, sweet sixteen parties and more is available. The grounds surrounding the facilities are available for outdoor events.

The house and the barn are considered individual venues for purposes of calculating a donation.

Is alcohol permitted?

The serving of alcohol is limited to specific functions and requires additional language in the insurance rider and special approvals from the N. J. Park Police and the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection. In as much as state agency approvals are required, applicants are advised to begin the process a number of months in advance of an event.


If the Vass Farmstead house is reserved, one courtesy toilet is located on the first floor.

If you are planning an event for 50 or more guests, it is recommended that you make arrangements for a Port-a-Jon to be placed on site.

If reserving the barn or grounds for an event, you must contract for the Port-a-Jon. The Hardwick Township Historic Society does not provide this service.

Clean up?

All users of the facilities are expected to leave the property and buildings in the condition found, prior to set-up. A refundable deposit is required. If a problem arises, please notify the onsite caretaker. Should an emergency arise and the onsite caretaker is unavailable, contact member, Denise Lovell 908 362-1485.

It is important to secure the building before leaving.

 Insurance and liability?

The Society requires that you provide a comprehensive general liability insurance rider for your event (also known as a special event rider). The coverage amounts are $1,000,000 with an aggregate of $2,000,000. The rider shall indemnify the Society, its members, the Township of Hardwick and the N.J. Department of Environmental Protection from any and all claims rising out of the use of the buildings and premises. The insurance rider must be issued by a company enjoying a Bests Service rating of “A”, licensed to issue policies in the state of New Jersey by the state of New Jersey. Your homeowner’s carrier may be a good source for pursuing coverage. If permitted by the state to serve alcohol, the rider must acknowledge and provide coverage for this special use. The liability rider must be provided to the Hardwick Township Historic Society 10 days in advance of the event.

You are responsible for any and all damages to equipment, furnishings and structures.

The person filling out the reservation form may not re-assign the reservation and must be on the Vass Farmstead premises throughout the scheduled event.


A member of the Hardwick Township Historic Society or our Caretaker will coordinate access prior to and secure the property following your event.

 Adult Supervision?

You must be at least thirty (30) years old to be assigned a reservation. Adult supervision of minors is required at all times during gatherings.

 Why is a use fee required?

The Vass Farmstead house, barn, and property all require ongoing maintenance as well as repairs and the payment of utilities. The Hardwick Township Historical Society works diligently to preserve these facilities for public enjoyment. Fees from reservations help to offset our costs and sustain the Farmstead.

 How do I reserve the Vass house, barn or property?

Contact Denise Lovell via email [email protected]  or mail, Hardwick Township Historical Society, 97 Stillwater Road, Blairstown, NJ 07825.

A member of the Society shall arrange a tour of the house or barn, provide and review a reservation contract form with you and answer your questions. The Hardwick Township Historical Society will review your reservation application expeditiously and either approve or deny the request. The Historical Society reserves the right to reject any and all use requests deemed to be inappropriate, in violation of the lease agreement with the state or presenting an unacceptable risk to the historical structures and society.

Revised 7-9-2021