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                                         Q & A Update – July 10, 2021

I noticed that the Vass Farmstead is more active this summer. Is the Historical Society planning activities?

      The COVID-19 virus curtailed our plans for nearly a year and a half. Despite this setback, the Society pursued a revised lease agreement with the state and received grants to make much-needed improvements to the house and barn. Our first lawn concert was held in June of 2021 and more programs are in the works for September, November, and December.

Vehicles are parking in the field next to the house. What is going on?

   Increased usage of the White Lake Wildlife Management Area resulted in the need for more parking. Warren County partners with the Hardwick Township Historical Society on many levels so it made great sense to designate the lawn area for occasional overflow parking as opposed to building another parking lot.

Is the house a museum?

The mission for the Vass Farmstead changed in 2021. The Society has embraced the concept of making the house and barn event-driven venues where users can enjoy the historical attributes of truly wonderful restored buildings dating back to 1812.

Members of the Society very much wish to showcase the history of the buildings and community in the future whenever the opportunity arises.

 I am interested in renting the house and/or barn for an upcoming family celebration. Will this be possible in the future?

       The Historical Society is permitted to lease the Farmstead for private events. Please see the Rules Governing Facilities Usage.

Will I be able to serve alcohol to my guests?

      The revised lease will allow the consumption of alcohol on site. The state requires the issuance of permits by both NJDEP and the Park Police. More information is available in the Rules Governing Facilities Usage.

Why does the Historical Society charge a fee to use the Vass Homestead for events?

       The Historical Society must generate revenues to sustain the Vass house and barn. Think about how much it costs to run your home and then imagine that your house was constructed in 1812!

All proceeds go towards the continued operation and repair of this historic gem.

Can I make a donation to the Hardwick Township Historical Society?

       We welcome donations, especially monetary donations. We are a charitable non-profit and donations are deductible.  We also welcome antique farm implements for display in the barn, photographs of the region depicting our rural past and in rare cases, furnishings appropriate for the house that will compliment events. We have a committee in place to review your generous offer and conclude if it is a good fit for the house.

Who is in charge of the Hardwick Township Historical Society?

       We are a group of volunteers and always looking for new members. Hardwick resident, John Lovell is currently serving as the president and long time Hardwick resident and past President Rich Ohl is the treasurer. The Society reorganizes during the first meeting of each year

Does the Hardwick Township Historical Society have anything to do with the old stone church ruins on Spring Valley Road?

         Yes, the Society owns and maintains the grounds at the Spring Valley Christian Church yard. One volunteer cuts the grass and very much needs friends to step forward and assist in this ongoing seasonal task. You are always welcome to help out and join in with the maintenance

When does the Hardwick Township Historical Society meet?

        The Society meets at 7PM on the first Thursday of each month in the Vass House. Inclement winter weather may interrupt this schedule. All are welcome to attend, participate and join in. We will be posting future meetings on Facebook.

Can I just drop by for a visit and tour?

          The volunteers are always delighted to invite guests in to tour the building. If you see people working at the house, most likely volunteers are present. Stop by and say hello.

What happens if new volunteers do not step forward?

            The success of the Hardwick Township Historical Society is tied directly to the willingness of interested citizens to step forward and becoming active members. We need a new generation of volunteers to lend a helping hand and become active in their community. Volunteer service is the only way the Farmstead will survive for future generations to enjoy. You have an opportunity to do something meaningful by becoming a member and participating. If you would like to discuss possible membership, please contact John Lovell at 908 362-1485 or attend the next meeting.

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